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Drop/Package Testing

Mechanics have been around since the first hominid started using stone tools. It is a complex, detail-oriented science, and it takes knowledgeable, detail-oriented people to properly test. At ARL we have over 16 years of experience in Mechanical Testing and can help you isolate problems or verify specifications.

Drop testing of packaged and unpackaged products are performed to desired test heights and impact surfaces with our automated system. Additionally, we frequently design specialized test apparatus to evaluate product mechanical fatigue, wear-out and end-of-life. This is very beneficial to determine product performance and life expectancy of the mechanical aspects of your product.

Transportation and operational tests are also utilized as part of our Mechanical Testing strategies to qualify your product and measure strength versus stress in order for us to determine the appropriate standard for your product.


Drop Tester

Austin Reliability Labs Photo: Drop Tester

Drop Testing determines the ability of a package or product to withstand the stresses of handling drops by people and machinery in the distribution and use environment. Our drop test system allows you to thoroughly examine the effectiveness of package cushioning and its ability to protect your product, as well as other critical design attributes when exposed to all possible drop test orientations.

  • Standards: ISTA, ASTM, IEC, Military & Others
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Recognized as one of the top product reliability labs in the country with a unique balance of testing, consulting and on-site staffing services, Austin Reliability Labs (ARL) is a place where we recognize the hard work and passion that went into the design and development of your product. We have that same passion for excellence, and want to find any problems that your product may have in an effort to perfect it. We also understand that a reputation is something that builds over time, and we support that by making long-term partnerships with our clients. With that in mind, we not only specialize in writing and developing all of the tests that we perform, but, unlike other labs, we also provide pass / fail reports on all of our tests and decipher the results for you in order maximize your product’s success.