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Our Team

David Rahe, CRE

Austin Reliability Labs Photo: David Rahe

Chief Technology Officer

David Rahe is a certified reliability engineer with over 20 years of direct experience in the areas of environmental testing and reliability consulting. An accomplished technically strong professional with extensive experience in the oversight, planning, design, and performance of diverse reliability and environmental programs, David is also an experienced international and domestic technical trainer and an author / presenter of technical papers. He has both served on and chaired IEEE and Military Standards development committees, and has authored the HALT Standard draft document that is widely used and globally accepted as the guiding document for performing HALT.

Jon Roesch

Austin Reliability Labs Photo: Jon Roesch

Senior Lab Technician

Over seven years with ARL, Jon has been involved in reliability testing for the computer, oil and gas, telemetry, aviation, aerospace, safety, consumer, military, commercial and industrial industries. As a reliability test engineer, Jon brings a multitude of disciplines to the team with a background in field applications for a major OEM power supply manufacturer, as well as design, restoration and repair of test, audio, electrical and mechanical systems. Jon has also created many reliability test designs, including machine replication of human-induced stress, fixture interface, electro-mechanical robot design / build, and sensor / data acquisition design and implementation.

Brandon Herrera

Austin Reliability Labs Photo: Brandon Herrera

Lab Technician

Before joining ARL’s team, Brandon had over 15 years of experience with structural engineering – his experience designing and inspecting foundations, along with experience determining the structural integrity and performance adaptability of products made for a comfortable transition into the reliability testing environment. Brandon, a native Austinite, is happily married with one beautiful daughter, and says his favorite thing about being part of ARL’s team is the opportunity to work with remarkable products and remarkable people.