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Shock and Vibration Testing

Mechanics have been around since the first hominid started using stone tools. It is a complex, detail-oriented science, and it takes knowledgeable, detail-oriented people to properly test. At ARL we have over 16 years of experience in Mechanical Testing and can help you isolate problems or verify specifications. We also have access to a large variety of equipment to meet your testing needs, including a 6000 lbf  Electrodynamic Shock and Vibration System. In fact, our lab has two electrodynamic vibration shakers (one with a slip table), and a high-performance hydraulic shaker. We also have two shock towers that allow us to reach shocks up to 10,000g over short to long pulse width durations. This equipment allows us the capability to run sine, random and classic shock profiles on customer hardware and record product response.


Electrodynamic Shakers

Austin Reliability Labs Photo: Electrodynamic Shaker

Using the Unholtz-Dickie and LING shaker systems, Vibration Testing is useful in several stages of design development, qualification and production of a product (transportation and user mechanical stress):

In the design stage, weaknesses can be determined through vibration testing of a design prototype. During product qualification, adequacy of a product for a specific application or range of applications can be determined. And in the production stage, the quality of workmanship of the final product can be evaluated using both destructive and non-destructive vibration testing.

  • The Unholtz-Dickie Shaker includes a Slip Table (42” x 42”) to support large products in Multiple Axis
  • Single Axisu Frequency Range: 4 to 2000 Hz
  • Force Pounding Rate: 6000 & 9000
  • Random, Sine, Shock Testing
  • Standards: ISTA, ASTM, IEC, Military & Others

Hydraulic Shaker

Austin Reliability Labs Photo: Hydraulic Shaker

Using the Lansmont Hydraulic shaker system, Vibration Testing is useful in helping design high-quality, cost-effective products and shipping containers by accurately measuring sensitivity to sine or random vibrations.

Shock Tower & Tester

Austin Reliability Labs Photo: Shock Tower

Shock Testing of products and materials determines to what degree the items can physically and functionally withstand a relatively infrequent, short-time, moderately high-level force impulse that would be encountered in handling, transportation and service environments.

  • Standards: IEC, Military & Others
  • Our Shock Tower System (also known as “The Big Bopper”) is 20 feet tall and can produce 10,000 g of force
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